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Pak vs SA :: Advantage Pakistan


Day 1 we witnessed two foreign teams. The first foreign team was Pakistan. The second team apparently came from South Africa. Despite the exploits of Hashim Amla and JP Duminy in the first innings, the remainder of the team failed to deliver with the bat. As a result, the first innings total provided by the Proteas on the traditional run making wicket of the Sheik Zahed Stadium was a mere 249.


As expected the “home team” managed to put on a mammoth 442 in response to the Protea’s poultry total. Misbah ul Haq, Pakistan’s most instrumental captain in the last decade managed to score a ton against SA’s best attack. Most surprisingly was the contribution made by 27 year old, Khurram Manzoor. With a pedigree of only 9 test caps, Manzoor carried his bat and scored 146 runs (266 deliveries). In the aftermath that followed, the Proteas were tasked to bat again with further detrimental results. Smith, Petersen, Kallis and Amla went fairly quickly and it appears that there is no sign of a heroic intervention from any of the Protea batsmen.

I certainly hope, on behalf of all Protea fans that AB, Faf and JP musters up a comeback. At this juncture, I raise a question that I have raised in previous posts. Are we playing way too much cricket? Is Cricket SA more inclined towards the prospectors of T20 cricket as opposed to the traditional variety? Whatever the reason, one thing is certain. Should SA continue adopting T20 tactics within a test match, they stand to lose any contest.


So Mr or Mrs cricket fanatic, what do you think? Please comment below!

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